MLB Player Tries To Slide In Lindsey Pelas’ DM’s

Baseball Player Shoots His Shot With The Instagram Sensation

metronidazole over the counter buy now order amoxicillin Well, it looks like one Texas athlete is learning from another’s past mistakes as Derek Holland of the Texas Rangers did his best to slide in the DM’s of Lindsey Pelas.

The model, who recently talked about having her first threesome, previously suggested that JJ Watt of the Houston Texans do the same. For whatever dumb reason though, Watt opted to avoid the spotlight.

Derek Holland of the Texas Rangers wasn’t going to be as dumb, however, as he took to Twitter where he threw a fastball right down the middle.


So, did the attempt to slide in the DM’s work? We’ll probably never know, though, Holland did get a follow on Twitter (and likely Snapchat, as he asked) so we have to give him props.

Chances are, he doesn’t get that follow if he doesn’t ask the beautiful Pelas.

No shame in that.

Do your thing, Derek.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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