Noah Syndergaard Shoots His Shot At Instagram Model With Naughty Message

Mets Pitcher Throws One Down The Middle To Girlfriend Alexandra Cooper

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azithromycin over the counter Man, I don’t know what happened to Noah Syndergaard’s former girlfriend, but I know one thing – I miss her.

Elle, a former Hooters waitress, became all the rage during the New York Mets playoff run last season but it appears she and Noah Syndergaard are no longer dating.

That or the Mets ace likes to spread his seed around.

That’s because Noah Syndergaard was caught trying to shoot his shot at Instagram model and uber hottie Alexandra Cooper.

The model posted a picture to her ‘Gram with the caption ‘where did my skirt go’.

Not one to miss an opportunity, Noah replied back with ‘on my floor’.

That’a boy, Thor. Right down the fuckin middle.

I’d say he tried to slide in those DM’s, but it looks like the two have been dating for quite some time.

Just don’t do it to Mia Khalifa.

And here are some Alexandra Cooper pictures for you to drool over.

Comment 1-10 how much my arms make me look like a t-rex in this pic

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Happy birthday to my best friend! You are one of the most humble and hard working people I know. Thank you for constantly motivating and encouraging me, I'm so excited to watch you get everything you have worked for, sky is the limit for you babe!! 😘 #lamaka

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"regardless, ex-boyfriends are just off limits to friends. I mean thats just, like, the rules of feminism."

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