Scary Text Messages Before Jose Fernandez’s Death Revealed

Before Jose Fernandez’s death, the Miami Marlins pitcher and some friends spent part of their evening at a pull up bar.

Nobody knows if Fernandez was drinking or who was behind the wheel of the boat when it crashed, killing the All-Star pitcher and two others.

Though a friend of the group was keeping tabs on the boaters and pleaded for them to come in before the night waves got too strong, even keeping tabs on their location throughout the night.

Eventually the friend, who had a soccer game in the morning, fell asleep at about 2 AM – just an hour before emergency calls were made to Miami Dade police and fire.

The tear jerking text messages were released on Tuesday:

Our last phone conversation and text messages last night. I feel sick to my stomach. Everyone is talking about Jose Fernandez but you died trying to be there for him and be a good friend. This doesn't sit with me well. I write this with the heaviest heart I've ever had. I just lost Tony and now I lost another best friend. I can't get over this nightmare. I already miss you and our daily conversations. You died being a great friend. You went to be with Jose and help him when he called you. I tried so hard to tell you not to go out on that boat. It didn't feel right and we both knew it. I'm choking on tears writing this, you don't deserve this. We were just talking about life at the Marlins game and how precious it is. I can't believe you are gone. The pain I have is unexplainable. I feel guilty that I didn't do a better job of trying to convince you not get on that boat. You told me just so I know in case something happens. You had a gut feeling and that is killing me. I love you bro, you'll always be the little brother I never had. I'm in shock, I'm still waiting for you to call me or txt me. We were so excited to celebrate your birthday in Vegas. You were loved by many and I'll do my best to stay involved with them. Lauren and I will keep you in our prayers. Rest In Peace brother. Love you little bro Eddy Rivero @e_greeneyes #rip #mybrotherfromanothermother

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According to a Yahoo Sports report, Fernandez had requested to be taken out fishing late that evening as he was extremely upset over something and needed to calm himself down.

Fishing was one of his most beloved stress relievers.

As you might recall, Fernandez was scheduled to pitch that Sunday afternoon game but had his start pushed back, which lead to him eventually heading out on the boat – an activity he wouldn’t have done had his start not been moved back one day.

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