Rihanna And Drake Grant Cancer Patient’s Wish

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buy amoxicillin Much has been made of the relationship between Drake and Rihanna in recent days after she gave him a boner on stage, but the two music acts were in Florida over the weekend for far more than a concert. That’s because Drake and Rihanna granted a cancer patient’s wish.

Along with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Drizzy and RiRi met up with Megan who had reportedly requested to meet both artists.

Neither Drake nor Rihanna have publicly acknowledged the meeting (nor do they have any plans to do so) but somebody on a Drake fan website came across Megan’s Instagram account, where she posted pictures of the afternoon the three spent together.

@ovomegann ❤️❤️ #Drake #Rihanna

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@ovomegann ❤️❤️ #Drake #Drizzy

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Congrats @ovomegann ❤️🙌🏽 #Drake #Drizzy

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Yeah, we make fun of Drake quite a bit and drool over Rihanna on a near daily basis, but in all seriousness this was a really cool gesture on the part of both of them.

Amazing enough to have one of them help out Make-A-Wish but to get both artists? And given their aabsurdly busy schedules (especially with Rihanna on tour currently), that’s one heck of a get together.

Props to both of them for taking the time and here’s to Megan continually improving from her cancer treatment as things move forward.

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