Eminem Says He Made ‘Walk On Water’ With Beyonce Because He Hates Mumble Rap


I hate mumble rap. It’s terrible. It’s awful. It’s stupid.

And apparently, Eminem feels the same way.

The legendary MC recently released the first single from his new album Revival, ‘Walk on Water’ featuring Beyonce, which understandably left the internet shook considering the star power on just one record.

Many wondered if there was a hidden meaning in the song and apparently, there is.

Iconic producer Rick Rubin along with journalist Malcolm Gladwell joined Em on a recent ‘Broken Record’ podcast where they talked about ‘Walk on Water’ and how it was a not-so-subliminal diss to mumble rap and artists like Future, Young Thug and Lil Yachty.

You can listen here:

And for those who can’t…

“For him, it’s a little bit of culture shock because there’s a new wave of hip-hop that’s not really what he’s about, so he was just talking to me about how that felt,” Rubin said. “I could see he was frustrated by it.”

“It’s a very mortal song,” Em added. “It’s, you know, not being Superman, and what if I can’t come up with the best shit I’ve ever wrote every single time?”

You can listen to Eminem and Beyonce slay ‘Walk on Water’ below:

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