Faith Evans Flashes Crowd: Wardrobe Malfunction At Bad Boy Reunion Concert

Video Of Faith Evans Flashing Has Made Its Rounds On The Internet

What’s up with everybody having wardrobe malfunctions lately? Seriously, if you’re a celebrity of any sort, there’s a good chance you’ve had something happen with your attire in recent weeks.

Case in point, here we have Faith Evans flashing the crowd at a recent Bad Boy Reunion concert.

Diddy, The LOX, Ma$e, 112 and pretty much everybody you remember from the Bad Boy empire have been on tour in recent months, including Faith Evans who accidentally showed her kitty kat to everybody in the crowd.

It was namely just an issue of poor timing on the part of Evans, who was seen swinging her dress around on stage. Unfortunately for the Notorious BIG’s former wife, Faith was plastered onto the jumbo-tron on the same time.

That’s when the Faith Evans wardrobe malfunction took place.

Might want to put on some underroo’s next time, Faith.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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