Kanye West Caught Illegally Downloading Torrents

Remember when Kanye West said he planned to sue Pirate Bay because his new album – ‘Life of Pablo’ – had been  downloaded over 500,000 times? Well, guess what? The tables have turned because Kanye West was caught illegally downloading torrents.

Kanye West took to Twitter where he showed off this screenshot of his computer during one of his crazy rants, which showed off a collection of tabs which seem to suggest Yeezy was doing some not so legal stuff.

Uh oh.

So what was Kanye West really doing? Was he actually downloading illegal and pirated software/music? Or was he just ‘checking up on things’!? Either way, you can’t help but laugh at the fact Kanye West was caught using The Pirate Bay.

H/T Daily Mail

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Written by Frank White

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