Listen To The Song Prince Recorded With Snoop Dogg & Mobb Deep

If I asked you to run down a list of musicians that Prince had collaborated with, you probably wouldn’t list Snoop Dogg or Mobb Deep, right? Well, you’d be wrong because the three did in fact work together on a song.

It’s a little known fact, recently re-earthed by Drink Champs, in an interview with Havoc.

One half of the ‘Infamous Mobb’ said he was in the studio recording the new song when somebody told him ‘The Artist’ was in the building.

“They were in the studio recording when someone notice Prince was also in the building. I was making the beat, and then I was like ‘Holy shit, Prince.’ Then, I was like ‘Is there anything I need to do to the beat?’ He was like ‘Hold on’ and then he got on the keyboard and just started…He was that cool,” Havoc said. Of course, the only thing left to do was for Snoop to rap over the Prince-assisted beat. After everything, “Prince walked out and didn’t even say bye.”

For those that want to take a listen, enjoy ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ below:

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Written by Frank White

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