Rick Ross Says Dr. Dre Has Unreleased Song With Notorious B.I.G.

Dr. Dre Reportedly Recorded A Record With Biggie Smalls Before His Death

On the surface, it seems a little far fetched that the co-founder of Death Row Records would ever record a record with anybody from Bad Boy Records, but according to Rick Ross, that’s exactly what went down.

Ross recently spoke to Angie Martinez and dropped a jewel, stating that Dr. Dre and Notorious B.I.G. once recorded a song together.

“I want you to ask Puff, but I heard there may be a Dre / Big, B.I.G record,” teased Ross. “Real talk, I heard that. I heard they made a record together like ‘yo we gotta do this for the game on the low, like they was on the studio together.”

Odd as that might be on initial thought, one would likely assume the song – assuming it exists – was recorded after Dre left Death Row.

And considering he couldn’t call on any of his former label mates like Snoop or Tupac to help with the struggling Aftermath Records, it makes some sense that he’d employ Biggie for a verse or two on an unreleased song.

Add in that Dre never had much public beef with Puff Daddy, Notorious BIG or Bad Boy and perhaps there is an unreleased Biggie – Dre record out there.

Dr. Dre of course wouldn’t be the only former Death Row rap act to make a song with Biggie, as Daz admitted he made two songs with the Notorious BIG in an interview with VladTV. One song featured a full Notorious B.I.G. verse while another had Biggie on the hook.

Daz did not mention if those songs were recorded before the Death Row – Bad Boy, East coast – West coast beef or after the New York based shooting in which Snoop Dogg’s trailer was shot up during a Dogg Pound video shoot.

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