Rihanna Gave Drake A Boner While Grinding On Him (Video)


While Drake suggested he should wife Nicki Minaj one day, it appears his sidechick might be RiRi. That’s because the ‘rapper’ has a serious thing for the ‘Umbrella’ singer. Case in point, here we have Rihanna giving Drake a boner during a concert.

During a recent performance in Miami, both Rihanna and Drake performed her hit song ‘Work’ which included RiRi grinding all up on Drake.

That apparently got the MC a little too excited as this video below shows:

We can’t really blame Drake here, can we? Pretty sure Rihanna grinding on the crotch of anybody is going create a fire in the pants.

And the Six God is just sitting back laughing at all of us, because who else gets a free RiRi crotch grind? Exactly.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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