Kevin Durant Told Kendrick Perkins To ‘F**k Off, B***H A**’ During Press Conference (Video)

Kevin Durant

Things went great for Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors during Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Things did not go so well once the curtain had closed.

As you’ve likely already heard, Kevin Durant was physically restrained from a Cavs fan at the Warriors team hotel after he made fun of the University of Texas, which Durant attended.

But that wasn’t KD’s only confrontation of the evening.

LeBron James‘ bully of a teammate (well, more like bench-mate), Kendrick Perkins, who has done his best to get in the head of Dubs talent like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson throughout the NBA Finals reportedly flipped Durant off in the midst of his press conference.

Perkins and Durant of course were teammates alongside Russell Westbrook with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it appears as if there was no love lost between the two as Durant could be seen mouthing ‘fuck you, bitch ass’ during the middle of a question/answer session with the media.

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