NBA Rumors: Knicks Tried To Trade Carmelo Anthony For Jabari Parker

Carmelo Anthony

You probably don’t need any additional reasons to laugh at the New York Knicks, but I’m going to give you one.

That’s because the Knicks allegedly proposed a trade which would have sent Carmelo Anthony to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Jabari Parker.

Yeah, I can stop and let you read that again.

Go ahead. Let it sink in.

All good?


It’s not known if that was the entire deal or if it was indeed a straight up one-for-one trade, but either way Ian Begley says the trade was ‘discussed’.

And by ‘discussed’ we mean the Bucks hung up the phone and collectively cackled like a wild pack of hyenas.

In fairness, Baegley did go on to suggest that it was possible the Bucks could have been the third team in a multi-team deal, but still. Any deal involving Melo and Parker with Jabari heading to New York seems almost impossible.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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