NBA Player Busted For Asking Instagram Model To Show Him Her Boobs

Chandler Parsons Caught Sliding In DM’s Of Felicia Sanders

When it comes to Chandler Parsons, the Memphis Grizzlies forward is no stranger to having egg on his face in regards to his social media exploits.

And I say, if you’ve already been busted once, who cares about a second time, right? Apparently Parson’s feels the same as the NBA player was busted trying to slide in the DM’s of one popular Instagram model.

That model, better known as Felicia Sanders.

Apparently Sanders and Parsons were getting to know either other via Periscope when the NBA player decided he’d shoot his shot – in public.

Sadly, it was about as effective as the rest of his season.


Going to assume he thought his comment was in private or he just doesn’t give a crap, which kind of makes him a little bit awesome.

And considering you’re here, you’d probably like to see some Felicia Sanders Instagram pictures, right?

Not difficult to see why Chandler shot one from beyond the arc…


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So much to smile about lately

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Don't ever call me "Doll"

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