NBA Player Tries To Slide In Jennifer Aniston’s DM’s

Poor Monica From ‘Friends’ Never Gets Any Love

When former porn stars aren’t calling out college quarterbacks for sliding in the DM’s, NBA players are apparently trying to slither their way into the direct messages of popular Hollywood actresses.

Case in point, here we have Chandler Parsons of the Memphis Grizzlies (formerly of the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets) who says he wouldn’t mind sliding in the DM’s of Jennifer Aniston.

Per TMZ:

Be afraid Justin Theroux … a 6’10”, 230-pound NBA star has his eyes on your lady.

Here’s Chandler Parsons telling us about his post-NBA plans — and how he’s down to get into the acting biz once he finishes out his $94 MILLION contract.

So, who’s his #1 choice for a romantic comedy co-star??

“I’ve always had a thing for Jennifer Aniston.”

Of course, things aren’t too bad for Parson’s love life considering he’s dating uber hot model Toni Garrn.

As for Jennifer Aniston, this is probably only the second biggest headline of the day for her considering the mystery as to why her nipples were always hard on ‘Friends’ has been figured out.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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