Crying Kentucky Girl Is This Year’s Villanova Piccolo Fan

Few expected a Kentucky Wildcats loss to the Indiana Hoosiers, despite the fact the two were seeded rather closely. That obviously included this crying Kentucky girl who is this year’s weeping Villanova piccolo fan which went viral on the internet during last year’s March Madness.

With 11.3 seconds left in the basketball game and Indiana nursing a three-point lead (while going to the free-throw line), CBS cameras panned the crowd where they spotted the crying Kentucky fan who was part of the band.

Knowing they stumbled upon gold, after quickly panning back to the game they focused on the crying Kentucky girl yet again who has become a viral sensation.

Granted, she’s just one of many college basketball fans who’ve been dealing with heartbreak in recent days.

We all remember the hot crying Colorado cheerleader who couldn’t contain her emotions on the first day of March Madness, right?

Still, it’s going to be hard to top the crying Kentucky girl.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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