10 hilarious replies to Brett Favre’s ‘MNF’ tweet



Mike Florio reported Tuesday that Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre failed his “Monday Night Football” audition and Favre tweeted “not sure I want to pursue a broadcasting career right now.”

The replies to Favre’s tweet are hilarious and I came up with what I think are the 10 best.

They are in no particular order, though the last one might be the funniest:

This is the most Brett Favre-like scenario: Says he won’t pursue, decides to pursue a few weeks later, retracts and decides to not again within a few days and then… Welcome to the MNF crew, Brett


I’m sure you’ll be making a very definitive decision in the next 48 hours or so.


This reminds me of when turned down Times person of the year when it wasn’t offered to him.


Maybe you should wait until they commit to someone else and then show up expecting the job?

What if they said you could do the show from your house, yard or barn each week? Never have to leave MS!

I could see a quarterback getting injured and then you coming out of the booth and suiting up during a commercial break.

Sooooooo, you’ll let everyone know in August??

I would love to see you dominate Tony Romo once again.

Hope you do, but it is during deer season so I understand.

Dude, even your broadcast career was intercepted.

Written by Billy Joe Jessup

Billy Joe Jessup, 66, is a Mississippi good old boy who saw himself as the Southern Richard Meltzer back in 1974 and 1975. Jessup wrote two satiric sports articles for the rock music magazine Zoo World when he was in his early 20s, but ZW rejected his third article, killing his confidence so much that he battled writer's block for more than four decades until his Guy Hut breakthrough in March 2018.