Bears TE Zach Miller Undergoes Emergency Surgery To Save Leg From Amputation

For those who were watching the New Orleans Saints – Chicago Bears game on Sunday live, you couldn’t help but feel your stomach flip when tight end Zach Miller suffered a gruesome leg injury.

Most assumed the Bears tight end had suffered a broken leg, but rather the Nebraska Omaha product had suffered artery damage.

That lead to surgeons performing an overnight emergency surgery in effort to save Zach Miller’s leg from possible amputation.


Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller underwent emergency surgery Sunday night in an effort to save his injured left leg, league and team sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

The surgery, performed in New Orleans after the Bears’ loss to the New Orleans Saints, was to repair a damaged artery in Miller’s leg, according to sources.

Miller dislocated his knee in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Saints. Sources told Mortensen that Miller’s dislocated knee is considered “more significant” than a regular dislocation, which is a serious injury.

Vascular surgeons were called in in an effort to repair Miller’s leg, which including grafting tissue from the other leg to repair the damaged artery, sources told Mortensen.

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