Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend Calls Out Cowboys Quarterback On Twitter

Playboy Model Dallas Nicole Parks Claims She Was Hacked

Remember Dak Prescott’s girlfriend? Playboy model Dallas Nicole Parks?

The sultry blonde has been all over social media in recent months wearing Prescott’s Cowboys jersey and showing love to her rumored boyfriend. Of course, the Dallas signal caller has all but suggested the two aren’t together and even went as far as to say he didn’t know the Playboy model.

Regardless, most have assumed the two are in a relationship, but that might be changing after Parks went nutso on him during a Twitter rant.

The messages have since been deleted and Dak Prescott’s alleged girlfriend claims she was hacked.



I don’t know about you, but there appears to be an epidemic in regards to the girlfriends and wives of athletes getting hacked.

/rolls eyes

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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