Ezekiel Elliott’s Girlfriend Had Revenge Sex With His Dallas Cowboys Teammate

There might be a few natural disasters striking around the globe right now, but I’m pretty sure none of them are as impactful as Ezekiel Elliott’s former girlfriend Tiffany Thompson who has destroyed everything in her wake.

You might recall Thompson, who falsely accused the Dallas Cowboys running back of keeping her as a sex slave.

That of course came before Tiffany Thompson threatened to sell an alleged sex tape that included Ezekiel Elliott.

Now she’s back again, this time after it was reported she had sex with one of Elliott’s Dallas Cowboys teammates – Lucky Whitehead – in a plot for revenge.

Per Dallas Morning News:

but it seems Whitehead also interacted with Thompson. During a November 30 interview with Kia Roberts, the NFL’s director of investigations, Thompson was asked about her relationship with Whitehead. “He and I started talking over social media,” Thompson said in a part of the interview that became public record after Elliott and the NFL Players Association filed suit late Thursday. “We weren’t really dating. Ezekiel found out, and I blocked Lucky from my phone.” Roberts was then asked about Whitehead and Thompson during the appeal hearing because he came up during her interviews with Thompson.

Tiffany Thompson went on to say during questioning that she had ‘no idea’ that Elliott and Whitehead were teammates, which is believable as Jerry Jones not being involved in the day-to-day operations of the Dallas Cowboys.

Also, is there anybody in pro sports who has had a rougher offseason than Lucky Whitehead? From a false arrest to losing his dog to getting screwed over by a crazy headcase.

Dude needs to lock himself inside a bubble for a few months.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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