Chick Fight At Rams – Chargers NFL Football Game (Video)

Looks like Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor weren’t the only two people fighting on Sunday.

That’s because two women decided to go at it right after the Los Angeles Rams – Los Angeles Chargers football game came to an end Sunday afternoon.

I’m not sure what started the mini melee, but it took about six security guards to separate the two ladies who appeared determined to start tearing out each other’s tracks.

Not sure there was a winner here. Perhaps they were just pissed they had to attend a Rams – Chargers game. I know I would be.

I was going to say I was a bit bummed there were torn shirts or ripped panties, much like the fight below. But after seeing those ladies, I’m actually glad they kept their pants and shirts on.

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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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