Madison Ivy Is Mad At The San Francisco 49ers

Earlier this week the San Francisco 49ers traded away long-time tight end here Vernon Davis.

Davis’ tenure by the Bay was likely coming to an end in the near future anyway, but Madison Ivy was none too happy with the move.

Ivy, who is recovering from her car accident, posted on Twitter that she was frustrated the 49ers made what she deemed to be another poor move.

This isn’t the first time Madison Ivy has called out her favorite football team, as just a few months ago the starlet was less than thrilled the 49ers decided to move on from former head coach antibiotic amoxicillin Jim Harbaugh.

Despite all the roster and personnel moves – not to mention the on-field struggles – Madison Ivy is still flying her red and gold flag though as she’s #49erFaithful until the end.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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