Madison Ivy Is Worried About The San Francisco 49ers

Madison Ivy

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where can i get metronidazole otc It’s been a while since we’ve seen Madison Ivy on screen, sadly because the starlet was involved in a very serious accident.

Thankfully, every day that goes by, Ivy is getting better – though the same can not be said for her San Francisco 49ers.

A big football fan, Madison Ivy, like most Gold Rush faithful, were none too happy when former head coach Jim Harbaugh left to join the Michigan Wolverines. Combine that with the absurd amount of offseason losses, which include Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Aldon Smith and more, Madison Ivy has understandable concerns about what might be in store for the 49ers this season.

As if the offseason losses weren’t enough for the 49ers, they still have to deal with the fact the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals are in their uber tough division.

Not fun at all.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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