Meet New York Giants Big Booty Publicist Jen Conley

The NFL Publicist With The Big Ol Butt

Did you watch the New York Giants football game this past weekend? If you did, there’s a strong chance you came across Eli Manning rocking his signature dope face. But perhaps you should have taken a closer look.

If you did, you would have seen a woman with a big butt walking right alongside Eli as the tilt came to a conclusion.

That woman – New York Giants publicist Jen Conley – is now trending on the internet and she can thank her big booty for it.

Terez Owens came across Conley and her big butt, which understandably has people on the web going nuts. One YouTube user even went as far as to record the big butt Giants publicist and call her a ‘Big Booty PAWG’…

Somewhere in Seattle, Sir-Mix-a-Lot is enjoying all that ass.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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