Mia Khalifa Says I Am Not Having Sex With Deshaun Watson (Yet)

But She Is Cooking Him Some Delicious Food

Judging by Mia Khalifa’s Twitter and Instagram post, which featured a video of her dunking on Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, the two are good friends.

It makes sense, considering the former Clemson signal caller lives just a few doors down from the former porn star, who resides in Texas.

But considering the two were acting so chumy, it lead many to suggest they were fucking.

So – is Mia Khalifa having sex with Deshaun Watson?

Not according to the DC sports fan, who says she’s simply showing her hospitality and cooking Watson some food to eat.

TMZ spoke with Mia who tells us there’s nothing but serious friendship goin’ on … and it all started over a home-cooked meal when Deshaun moved to H-Town.

Mia says she lives close to Watson and, with him being new to the area, she invited him to her place for some hospitality … and they’ve been tight ever since. No sex though.

Mia Khalifa’s Twitch stream has become insanely popular thanks to her video game streaming and cooking shows, so we’re going to side with the former porn star here.

Girl can whip up one hell of a meal.

Still, the night is young. And just because you aren’t fucking now, doesn’t mean you won’t be later.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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