Rob Gronkowski’s Home Robbed Of Guns, Safes During Super Bowl

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azithromycin buy now In what is becoming a disturbing trend, another athlete has found themselves victim to a robbery while they were playing in a high profile athletic event.

This time it’s New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski who had his home burglarized as he played in Super Bowl 52 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to reports, multiple guns and safes full of cash and other items were said to be stolen.

Rob Gronkowski returned home from the Super Bowl on Monday to learn his house had been robbed while he was away in Minneapolis.

The Foxborough Police Department said on Tuesday morning that Gronkowski, 28, called at 6:18pm on Monday to report that a burglary had occurred at his $1 million home. …

It is unclear when the burglary might have occurred, with Gronkowski heading out to Minneapolis early last week, giving the alleged looters a full week to try and access his home. …

He was joined by two friends, Nate Ruckdaschel and Robert Goon, who could be seen peeking out the front door as NBC cameras filmed them from just outside the property.

According to the police scanner audio, “the homeowner [Gronkowski], while he was on his trip, his house was broken into,” the officer is heard saying. “Multiple safes … possible guns” reportedly were missing.

This comes on the heels of other athletes falling victim to the same crime.

Needless to say, it sounds like some of the more high profile athletes may need to hire extra security when they’re not home considering it’s so easy to know their schedules.

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