‘Tom Brady Cheated’ Chant During Red Sox – Mariners Game

Tom Brady

Man, Tom Brady just can’t escape the cheating noise – literally – as the New England Patriots quarterback was blasted on the baseball diamond recently.

With the Boston Red Sox in town to face the Seattle Mariners, the presumed Seahawks fans let their feelings be known when they began to chant ‘Tom Brady cheated’ when the Red Sox were at-bat during the top half of the 6th-inning.

Tom Brady wasn’t in the building, so I’m not sure what spawned the chant (other than the obvious) but it turned out to be pretty amusing.

Given the Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl to Brady’s Patriots, we can see why they’d be a little angry over the cheating allegations. Still, it was the Indianapolis Colts who deserve to get their frustrations out the most. Of course, they don’t have a professional baseball team so perhaps they were living vicariously through the Seattle Mariners fans.

So what do you think – fair or foul? Is it okay to blast a player who has no ties to the organization (or sport) but shares the same city? Or should they have only chanted ‘Tom Brady cheated’ if he was actually at the game?

Either way, pretty amusing for non-Boston sports fans.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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