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    Hot College Girls Play Naughty Prank On Pizza Delivery Guys (Video)

    I’m not sure if this was the best or worst prank ever – mostly because these guys were probably in so much shock, they couldn’t appreciate what was happening.

    Anyway, Break decided to employ three cam college girls to order food and then play a ‘prank’ on the delivery guy by dropping their towel.

    Thankfully for the girls, none of the delivery dudes were overly hands on which couldn’t be said for this pizza boy from a few months back.

    Thirsty Pizza Guy Tries To Feel Up Hot Cam Girl (Video)

    Regardless, enjoy the coed’s getting naked and naughty.

    And don’t @ me trying to tell me delivering pizza isn’t a great job. I’ll take a couple guns in my face for some boobs and so would you.

    Best tip ever.

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    Woman Catches Best Friend In Bed With Boyfriend After Coming Home Early (Video)

    As with any story on the web, you have to take it with a grain of salt – especially if there is a video camera involved. That said, it looks like there might be a little validity to this story which involves a woman coming home early and finding her best friend, naked, in bed with her boyfriend.

    Needless to say, she was none too happy and decided to go all Mortal Kombat on her ass.

    Now, I’m not trying to say the ‘best friend’ was in any better standing than the cheating boyfriend here, but how did dude come away unscathed?

    Or did she just cut off his pecker once the video stopped?

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    Hot Girl Gets Ex-Boyfriend’s XBox Live Account Banned For Life

    Moral of the story? Don’t crap on your ex-girlfriend who was probably way too hot for you anyway.

    Not to mention, she bought you a bunch of video games and you still broke up with her?

    Bad move, bro.

    Epically bad move if she’s rather vindictive, like this chick who destroyed her ex-boyfriend’s 10-year-old XBOX Live account:

    I’ll get straight into it, I’ve been banned permanently from Xbox live due to theft but there’s one huge flaw/problem. There was no theft, my ex girlfriend purchased me two games a couple of months back for my birthday via the marketplace. We’ve been broken up for 6 weeks and the last two days when I logged on the games she purchased had been refunded as disappointed as I was for that petty move by her I decided to make no fuss and just let it go. Then yesterday I receive notice I’ve been permanently banned due to theft… the issue here is the games were purchased off her card one time and then obviously she removed her card info from my Xbox after the purchase but how in the world do I prove this to Xbox and let alone contact them? They don’t have the help line like they used too… I’ve been a Xbox live member since 2006 (I’m 26 now for those curious) I’ve never had even a suspension before. I understand how this looks to Xbox but shouldn’t my clean 11 year record along with almost 3 months of having the games bought before she reported them stolen prove that this is not what it seems?

    Who do I contact to lift this ban? I have text messages from my ex and I asking me what I want for my birthday if that’s proof I can maybe email them?

    So savage.

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    Nothing Beats A Bikini Chick Fight At The Pool (Video)

    I’m not sure what started this beef, but I know what ended it – one chick getting thrown into the pool.

    Needless to say, Girl A looks like she had been in a few fights before. Girl B looks like she stepped into the wrong neighborhood at that the wrong time.

    Regardless, this girl fight ended just about as quickly as it began.

    The only thing that would have made it better is if it would have been in jello and the bikini’s eventually came off.

    Guess that was too much to ask.

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    Hot Daughter Of Milwaukee Bucks Owner Shoots Her Shot At Kristaps Porzingis

    Welp, I guess it’s about time the tables turned.

    Weeks after New York Knicks star (for now) Kristaps Porzingis tried to slide in the DM’s of Instagram stunners Abigial Ratchford and Ines Nikic, the role has been reversed.

    This time it’s the hot daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wesley Edens.

    Mallory Edens, who’s no stranger to social media, tried her best to convince Kristaps Porzingis – who’s been atop the NBA trade rumors – to bring his talents to Wisconsin prior to the 2017 NBA Draft.

    Of course, it’s not his decision but there are worse things than seeing Mallory Edens courtside every night.

    H/T Larry Brown Sports

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    Student Says Teacher Gave Him Gifts In Exchange For His ‘Big D’

    We’ve seen a lot of weird teacher-student sex stories over the past few months, though this one might be the strangest of all.

    That’s because it involves a student bragging about all the gifts he was given by a horny teacher in England, all in exchange for the D.

    A married school teacher has received a lifetime classroom ban for having sex with a 17-year-old pupil she named ‘baby’ in her phone, a misconduct hearing heard.

    Amena Nazam-Khan, 35, was struck off by the National College for Teaching and Leadership after she sent the boy naked photographs and booked lavish hotel rooms (including The W) for them to have sex in during a nine-month relationship in 2015.

    The pupil claimed he was showered with Hugo Boss watch and concert tickets.

    The teenage student from Tong High School, Bradford, West Yorks bragged about their relationship to another teacher and showed picture evidence.

    So let me get this straight – dude not only gets to nail his teacher, but got free jewelry and concert tickets out of it?

    If that’s not the American Dream…