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    Rob Gronkowski Plans To Change His Patriots Jersey Number To 69

    Just when you thought Rob Gronkowski couldn’t get anymore ‘bro’, he does this.

    The polar bear of a New England Patriots tight end has long been fascinated with the number 69, often giggling like a 12-year-old during interviews when the number has been brought up.

    Now GRONK plans to make a number change to 69, assuming all parties allow it.

    Currently, #69 on the Pats belongs to teammate Shaq Mason. But that might not last very long if Rob Gronkowski has his way, according to the The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast, who say he might be catching passes from Tom Brady this year with the new digit on his back.

    Gronk is reportedly set to offer Mason $69,000 dollars (of course) to purchase the number for the upcoming NFL season.

    Funny as that might be, Gronk changing his jersey number from #87 to #69 will have to go through Patriots and NFL approval considering all of his current jerseys would be pulled from store shelves and at this late date, it might not be possible with the season opener just a few weeks away.

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    The Internet’s Newest Trend Is The Heart Boobs Challenge

    Remember the ice bucket challenge? Good cause, stupid result. And remember planking? Good cause, stupid result.

    Now the internet’s newest trend? The Heart Boob challenge.

    And I say, good cause, great result.

    It appears as if the Heart Boob challenge (#HeartBoob on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) originated in China with women taking their hands and forming a heart shape around their breasts.

    The point? I don’t think there is one, other than to show off your boobs, which I don’t think anybody is going to have a problem with.

    Regardless, the Heart Boob challenge has made its way across the globe as you can see with one search of the #Heartboob hashtag on social media.

    I boob you 👀 #boobiess #heartboobies #hearts #challenge #picoftheday

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    I heard this is a thing in Asia 😉 Heart for ❤ #heartshapedboob #heartboobs #heartboobchallenge #boobs

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    Man, those Chinese are always doing Yeoman’s work. From showing off boobs for free to fixing my iPhone to knockoff sports jerseys for $20 dollars.

    They they real MVP.

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    Woman Born Without Vagina Asks For Donations So She Experience An Orgasm

    Man, as if being a woman wasn’t difficult enough, now there’s a lady out there who was born without a vagina.

    Meet 22-year-old Kaylee Moats of Gilbert, Arizona, who was born with Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser syndrome (MRKH), which means she has no cervix, uterus, or vaginal opening.

    Moats has started a GoFundMe account in hopes of having corrective surgery so she can experience sex with her boyfriend for the first time.

    Kaylee just graduated from college in May and knew it was time to get with a doctor and see what could be done. Through many hours of research and direction from the MRKH foundation, we have found two surgeons in the Atlanta area that are well equipped to help. They can perform a surgery that will create a vaginal opening, allowing Kaylee to be able to have an intimate relationship like any other woman would experience. It would give back a part of her that has been missing since birth and dramatically improve her quality of life. The surgery lasts 1-2 hrs and has a 96% success rate. As you can imagine, the whole family was very excited about this and Kaylee was ready to pursue the surgery. After a phone conference with the nurse liaison in Atlanta, we were told that the insurance companies consider this a cosmetic surgery and will not pay for it. We were crushed again as are many of the other hundreds of girls trying to get this surgery completed. We were left unsure about how to proceed, and how to pay for these expenses.

    After reading through some of the MRKH blogs, many girls have been able to raise funds through a Go Fund Me page. We have decided to take this path and see what funds we are able to raise to help fulfill Kaylee’s dream. The cost of the surgery is $15,000 plus hotel, counseling and airfare to Atlanta. We would be forever grateful for anything you can donate. No amount is too small. Thank you for getting Kaylee one step closer to her goal and allowing her to have a brighter and happier future.

    The GoFundMe has only been up for a few days, but Kaylee already surpassed her $15,000 dollar goal.

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    These Girls Sure Can’t Dance But Man Can They Bounce (Video)

    Everybody, meet the Alpine Girls, who I’m pretty sure weren’t hired for their dancing skills.

    The ladies, who are pretty well known in Asia, travel around from popular car show to popular car show and apparently like to show off their lack of dancing ability all while wearing extremely form fitting outfits.

    I’m not sure how many car stereos or multimedia devices they’re selling, but they’re certainly doing pretty good in regards to promotion.

    You can watch their cringe worthy and awkward dance moves below, though I have a feeling that’s not exactly what you’ll be focused on.

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    Preacher In Trouble For Telling Nicki Minaj He Wants To Eat Her Booty

    Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj turned heads thanks to an Instagram post which featured the rapper’s famed backside in all its glory.

    It was so glorious, in fact, that one preacher allegedly couldn’t contain himself.

    A Facebook account, allegedly belonging to Elder William Henry Dewberry III was seen commenting on Minaj’s picture, which she also posted to Facebook in which he told her that he would like to ‘eat her ass’.

    The post was deleted a few hours later with the pastor claiming he had been hacked.

    “Saints, I need your help,” reads Dewberry’s post. “Somebody created a fake Instagram page under my name. I don’t know who did this. But, this needs to come down ASAP! May somebody report this IMMEDIATELY! I did not create this. I already have an Instagram page, and this one ain’t me!!!!”

    Unfortunately for Dewberry, the account he was allegedly using had previously been used for church activities so it’s pretty hard to suggest he was hacked like he wants his congregation to believe.

    As for the Nicki Minaj picture in question…

    A post shared by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

    And his booty eatin’ response…

    That’s a whole lotta cake.

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    Khloe Terae Wearing A Body Paint Dallas Cowboys Jersey Is Too Hot

    We love us some Khloe Terae here at Guy Hut, and why wouldn’t we? She’s sweet, funny, smart and love sports. Just this weekend, Khloe and friends hit up Sapphire Day Club in Las Vegas to host their annual fantasy football draft with the Canadian stunner acting as MC of the festivities.

    Oh, and did we mention she’s absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous?

    You don’t need to take our word for it, just check out Khloe Terae ‘wearing’ a body paint Dallas Cowboys jersey below. Try not to pass out from the hotness.

    The Dallas Cowboys never looked so good. Just please make sure you clean up your drool before you leave.

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    New York Yankees Fans Caught Having Sex In Subway (Video)

    It’s been a rough few weeks for the New York Yankees after they went 5-8 in their last 13, struggling to score runs in the process.

    Perhaps they should see if this guy could help, considering he has no problem when it comes to scoring.

    I don’t know if they’re an actual couple – or simply a couple of horny people who support the Bronx Bombers. Either way, these two New York Yankees fans went viral for having sex in a subway.

    Perhaps more shocking than the Yankees fans having sex on the subway? The fact Instagram still hasn’t taken down the video of them doing so.

    Per the New York Post:

    The pair of hot-and-bothered Bombers buddies were filmed grinding away on a No. 5 train after their team’s blowout loss to the Boston Red Sox, according to video posted on Instagram by SubwayCreatures.

    The couple’s clothes remained on — but that didn’t stop the woman from thrusting into the man’s crotch.

    They seemed to have reached the heights of passion just as the train pulled into Grand Central Terminal. The automated subway message could be heard telling riders they could transfer to a No. 4, 6 or 7 train.

    Making up for a huge Yankee loss #subwaycreatures

    A post shared by SubwayCreatures™ (@subwaycreatures) on

    Dude in the background couldn’t be more disenchanted with everything going on.

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    Mom’s Are Giving High Fives With Their Boobs At The Little League World Series (Video)

    Looks like some Little League World Series players might be hitting puberty a little early this year, thanks to some of the moms in the stands.

    That’s because a few mother’s have been spotted giving each other high fives….with their boobs.

    It’s all in good fun of course and there’s really no reason for anybody to get their panties in a bunch over it, but they will…

    Looks like the ladies were happy over Missouri scoring, though I’m venturing to guess many in the crowd were still disappointed considering Missouri is supposed to be the Show Me State.

    Love how the camera operator decided to zoom in after he realized what they were doing.

    Also, those MILF’s might want to watch out for this future Stifler…