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    Desperate Los Angeles Chargers Are Paying Fans To Get Tattoos Of Their Logo

    Pretty much everybody with a brain told the then San Diego Chargers and owners Alex and Dean Spanos not to move up the I-5 to Los Angeles.

    Even fellow NFL owners and the commissioner, Roger Goodell, all but asked them to remain in America’s Finest City.

    Yet, despite that, the Spanos family moved the Chargers to LA where they weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms.

    In fact, support has been so poor, the Los Angeles Chargers are paying fans to get a tattoo of their logo in a desperate move.

    Per NFL.com:

    The Los Angeles Chargers drew 21,054 fans to their preseason opener at the StubHub Center last weekend, a modest gathering that served as a reminder of the challenges that lie ahead as the Chargers attempt to establish a Southland foothold.

    The Chargers hope L.A. is a permanent home, so why not offer fans a permanent option of their own? The Chargers, in conjunction with the Shamrock Social Club, are offering free team-themed tattoos to anyone who comes into the famous West Hollywood tattoo studio between 1 p.m. and 1 a.m. on Tuesday.

    The Chargers will foot the bill for the Bolts ink.

    The response to the tattoo promotion looks to be as popular as their move to Los Angeles.

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    The Italian Dan Bilzerian Had His Assets Seized And The Internet Trolled Him Hard

    It’s been a rough week for Italian playboy Gianluca Vacchi, who loves to flaunt his wealth on social media.

    Vacchi, who has been called the ‘Italian Dan Bilzerian’ spends most of his day uploading pictures and videos of his playboy lifestyle to Instagram.

    That might be challenging to continue though, after he had multiple assets seized by Italian authorities and creditors.

    The seized property belonging to Gianluca Vacchi included multiple yachts, an investment in a local golf course and several villas.

    And as expected, the internet was ruthless in their replies including a few who decided to take pictures in their speedo banana hammock (a Vacchi mainstay) alongside a blow up pool and floaties.

    All that said, it appears as if Gianluca isn’t taking the news too hard…

    Serendipity… @gutierrezary

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    ☀️ let the sunshine.. @jogiorgiajo @effek #gvlifestyle

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    Pogo Stick Girl Knocks Herself Out After Getting Too Extra

    The last time I was on a pogo stick was probably, oh, never.

    There’s a good reason for that. I value my teeth.

    Clearly, this woman does not after she tried to get a little too extra during a pogo stick demonstration.

    All was going well initially, but when she tried to pull off one too many tricks things took a turn for the worse.

    Well, except for her dentist who was probably thrilled.

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    Busty Girl Tests Her 3D Printed Bikini In Public (Video)

    Man, I remember when I thought I was the shit because I had a printer that could print double-sided. Yeah, BOTH sides of the paper. That was some Jetson-like shit. But I guess that’s no longer cool, considering you can print things like three dimensional guns and knifes now.

    And bikinis.

    That’s exactly what one young, busty lady who goes by ‘Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu’ decided to do and instead of just putting it on in front of a mirror at her house, she decided to go out in public to test the 3D bikini.

    Needless to say, there were plenty of eyes on her.

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    Alexis Ren And Emily Ratajkowski Have Twitter Fight Over Who Looks Hotter Naked

    I’m going to assume you probably had a busy weekend of throwing back shots and playing Frisbee golf like the bro that you are. That or you ended up holding onto your girlfriend’s purse while you shopped at the mall for seven hours.

    Either way, there’s a good chance you missed the Twitter fight between Alexis Ren and Emily Ratajkowski which was pretty much all over who looked better naked and no, I’m not really exageratting.

    Okay, so perhaps the social media fight between Ren and Ratajkowski didn’t start off that way but it came to end with lots of skin showing as the two traded sexy pictures and videos.

    Needless to say, the only thing missing was a pool full of Jello.

    Here’s just a small sample of the pictures and video they were flinging at each other:

    Good mornin'

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    bein extra

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    H/T Barstool

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    Rick Ross Says Dr. Dre Has Unreleased Song With Notorious B.I.G.

    On the surface, it seems a little far fetched that the co-founder of Death Row Records would ever record a record with anybody from Bad Boy Records, but according to Rick Ross, that’s exactly what went down.

    Ross recently spoke to Angie Martinez and dropped a jewel, stating that Dr. Dre and Notorious B.I.G. once recorded a song together.

    “I want you to ask Puff, but I heard there may be a Dre / Big, B.I.G record,” teased Ross. “Real talk, I heard that. I heard they made a record together like ‘yo we gotta do this for the game on the low, like they was on the studio together.”

    Odd as that might be on initial thought, one would likely assume the song – assuming it exists – was recorded after Dre left Death Row.

    And considering he couldn’t call on any of his former label mates like Snoop or Tupac to help with the struggling Aftermath Records, it makes some sense that he’d employ Biggie for a verse or two on an unreleased song.

    Add in that Dre never had much public beef with Puff Daddy, Notorious BIG or Bad Boy and perhaps there is an unreleased Biggie – Dre record out there.

    Dr. Dre of course wouldn’t be the only former Death Row rap act to make a song with Biggie, as Daz admitted he made two songs with the Notorious BIG in an interview with VladTV. One song featured a full Notorious B.I.G. verse while another had Biggie on the hook.

    Daz did not mention if those songs were recorded before the Death Row – Bad Boy, East coast – West coast beef or after the New York based shooting in which Snoop Dogg’s trailer was shot up during a Dogg Pound video shoot.

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    NFL Sunday Ticket Discount 2017 – Get Sunday Ticket For $80 Dollars

    NFL Logo

    In the market for some NFL football this season but don’t want to pay the absurd price for NFL Sunday Ticket? We have a solution.

    Currently, DirecTV is offering NFL Sunday Ticket to students for $100 dollars, but you can get a discount of $20 dollars making the total price $80 bucks for the entire season by using the code ‘BACKTOSCHOOL’.

    Yes, that includes Red Zone.

    Now, you’re probably going ‘but what if I’m not a student’.

    Well, let’s just say if you get creative, you can get bypass the verification and there are plenty of places online telling how to do it with one easy trick.

    Either way, hard to be a full season of NFL Sunday Ticket for $80 dollars.

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    Twitter Trolls White Supremacist Over Losing His Job at Hot Dog Stand

    Not everybody could physically be in Charlottesville to denounce the horror that took place this past weekend, though those on the internet are doing their best to expose the tiki torch racists.

    Case in point, here is @YesYourRacist doing whatever they can to troll those involved with the racist riots.

    One of the more popular/polarizing figures from the march was a California man by the name of Cole White, who lived and worked in the Bay Area.

    Emphasis on worked, because apparently he no longer has a job serving hot dogs after he was fired.

    Per the Washington Post:

    “Effective Saturday 12th August, Cole White no longer works at Top Dog, The actions of those in Charlottesville are not supported by Top Dog. We believe in individual freedom and voluntary association for everyone.”

    Guess he couldn’t cut the mustard, eh? Certainly something for everybody to relish in.

    Okay, okay, I’m showing myself out.