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    How Much Does It Cost To Make An iPhone?

    How Much Does It Cost To Make An IPhone

    You’ve probably wondered how much does it cost to make an iPhone before, most likely when you were throwing down $600 dollars for the full priced handheld computer. But the problem is, nobody really knows because Apple won’t tell us. But one blogger decided he wanted to find out how much an iPhone costs to make, […]

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    Rockstar Confirms Red Dead Redemption 2 With New Image

    The good folks at Rockstar have been teasing video game fans for months with rumors of a Red Dead Redemption. But until now, there weren’t really any concrete things to go off of other than the previously mentioned rumors. Over the weekend, Rockstar did their best to confirm those rumors by releasing two images. The […]

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    Thirsty Subway Girl Tries To Seduce Man And Fails HARD (Video)

    Take the subway and you’re bound to run across a few choice characters from time to time. Hell, you might even run into Phil Jackson. Which I’m guessing this dude would have preferred. It all starts out with this man minding his own business, listening to some music on his iPhone. He quickly notices the […]