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    Girl Posts Her Naughty Pictures To Family Facebook Account

    More and more often, you see people have two different Facebook accounts – one for their close friends and family and one for their ratchet friends.

    That’s a memo this girl apparently missed, because she used her normal family account to post some NSFW pictures which her mom and dad were none too pleased with.

    I’m not sure about the backstory, but clearly this woman wasn’t thrilled with things that were being said about her hoe ways, so she opted to take a booty poppin’ picture in effort to give the ‘haters’ something to talk about.

    ANDDDDD BOOM!!! Lemme give y’all something to really talk about! You petty lil hoes can kiss this ass & lick my clit. Peasants ain’t shit to a boss. *Wink and lips emoji*

    Peasants ain’t shit, eh?


    Regardless, her family wasn’t as happy:

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    Guy Tries To Win A Date With Asa Akira By Making A Song Of Her Moaning

    I’ve never hid my love of Asa Akira. Completely ignoring the fact that she’s a smokeshow, she’s honestly one of the funniest and most witty people you’ll ever come across.

    So it shouldn’t come as a shock that this dude – Ben Wonder – wants to win a date with Asa Akira.

    The Ed Sheeran Doppelganger took his first swing on Twitter, asking the famed porn star how he could get a night on the town.

    Asa’s response?

    Sure – just maker her a song.

    And that’s exactly what the ginger homeboy did – using her moans.

    Hopefully dude get his shot and we hear about it on Asa Akira’s new podcast.

    Or at minimum, they have a conversation at boners because Asa seems rather curious about them I’m pretty sure Ben had one throughout the entirety of that song.

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    This College Girl’s Cougar Mom Got Way Too Lit With The Football Team

    Ah yes, freshman orientation. I remember that tragedy just like it was yesterday.

    Thankfully though, my mother didn’t decide to go hang out with the football team once she dropped me off. The same can’t be said for this young woman, who documented the hilarity on social media.

    Avery, who will be attending Texas State University was enjoying one of her first days on campus, likely assuming her mother was waiting for her in the parking lot or maybe even shopping at the school store.

    No. That wasn’t the case.

    Instead, Avery’s mom was getting way too lit with the football team, who apparently were in the midst of a skins versus shirtless content.

    And of course, being the cougar that she is, she documented it all and hilariously sent the texts to her daughter.

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    Teen Beauty Queen Stripped Of Her Title After She Made Adult Movies

    What’s a beauty queen to do when she needs a little extra coin for that bangin’ Louis Vuitton purse she’s been eyeing at Nordstroms? Get dicked down on camera, of course.

    Okay, so that probably doesn’t happen very often, but it did happen with Kristy Althaus – a former beauty queen who was stripped of her title(s) after it was discovered she stared in an adult movie.

    The Daily Mail has more on the beauty queen turned porn star:

    Two years later, a different image is put across, as a clip showing a young woman with a striking resemblance to Kristy Althaus in compromising positions on a bed emerges on an adult entertainment website.

    The clip starts with the woman on a bed as a man off-camera asks her how old she is, to which she replies: ‘I’m 18,’ Gawker reports.

    The man asks her: ‘And this is definitely your first adult video?’

    And the girl replies: ‘Yes, it is.’

    When Gawker began to inquire into the video, Miss Althaus quickly deleted her Twitter account.

    Future Productions, which produces the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state pageant, removed Miss Althaus’ name from the Official Results 2012 page, as well as a video showing the moment when the results are called out during the 2012 pageant.

    The former runner up to Miss Teen Colorado wasn’t the only beauty pageant winner who recently was stripped of her achievements for making porn, as Miss Delaware Teen USA 2012 also had her status removed after she recorded a film for the same adult production company GirlsDoPorn.

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    Houston Rockets GM Enjoys Him Some Terann Hilow

    There’s a lot to love about Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. He’s smart, witty, a damn good GM and is an open book with NBA fans.

    There’s even more to love about Houston superfan Terann Hilow, as we’ve documented many times previously here on Guy Hut.

    The Texas jaw dropper continues to sizzle on social media and even caught the eye of Morey, who couldn’t help but enjoy Hilow’s Houston Astros themed bikini.

    Not that we can blame him, of course.

    Truer words have never been spoken, Daryl. Truer words.

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    Woman Has Man Killed After He Tried To Record Threesome For Facebook Live

    Word to the wise, if you’re going to engage in a threesome you might want to make sure the other two parties are okay with you recording it and/or uploading it to Facebook Live.

    Otherwise, you might end up dead.

    That’s advice not heeded by a Brooklyn man who was found beaten to death after the woman, who engaged in the threesome, requested such.

    NY Post– A ménage à trois inside a Park Slope pad took a horrific turn early Monday — when one of the participants died after being stabbed and beaten by bats, police sources said.

    The fated threesome between the 20-year-old male victim and another man and woman inside the home on 16th Street near Seventh Avenue ended after the victim starting filming the sexcapade, upsetting the female involved, sources said.

    The other man involved in the sex session took the upset woman back to her home on Staten Island, leaving the victim alone in the apartment, sources said. The other man, 21, lived in the apartment, sources said.

    The woman then contacted a man who went to the Brooklyn apartment with two pals, sources said.

    Three men armed with knives and bats were captured on surveillance video chasing the victim as he tried to exit the building, sources said.

    The victim was found by police lying in the lobby of the building – which is about a half-mile from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 11th Street home – with a stab wound to his chest and severe trauma all over his body around 4 a.m., police said.

    He was rushed to Methodist Hospital where he was pronounced dead, cops said. His identity was not immediately released.

    As if that wasn’t enough, the girlfriend of the man who died – who did not participate in the threesome – received an Instagram DM suggesting that her boyfriend ‘f**ked up and he was taken care of’.