Former Los Angeles Lakers Player Has Millions Stolen By Advisor

Kwame Brown Is Seeking $17 Million Dollars In Damages

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Although Kobe Bryant might have disliked former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Kwame Brown a great deal, it appears as if there was somebody out there who hated the former high school phenom a little more.

That person? His former financial advisor.

And we know that how?

Well, according to The Blast, Kwame Brown recently filed a suit against his former financial advisor, whom he says stole over $1.2 million dollars from him.

The suit claims Marquez began overseeing his account and, on several occasions, began investing Brown’s money into various projects and trading stocks without his permission.

Brown claims Marquez even opened several bank accounts under his name, without his knowledge and without giving him access to the accounts. He believes she was depositing his money into those accounts and began investing and trading his money while collecting a commission for herself.

According to the lawsuit, Brown claims he took out a $1.1 million loan in 2006 and instructed Marquez to pay off the balance of the loan right away. In 2015, Brown says he learned Marquez did not pay off the loan and instead converted the unpaid portion of the loan into a line of credit.

Kwame Brown is reportedly seeking the $17 million in return for the ‘damages’, which should add up nicely to the $65 million dollars he made playing in the NBA, assuming he is to win.

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