Man Claims New Tupac Selfie Proves Rapper Is Alive

Guess What? He’s Not Alive

Tupac is alive! Except, that he’s not. But don’t tell this guy, who uploaded what he believes to be a new Tupac selfie which he alleges was taken back in 2015.

The 2Pac selfie shows the rapper looking a bit aged and the video uploader claims the picture was taken with a phone from 2011, which of course Tupac would be using considering that whole fake death thing.

For those that want to see the alleged Tupac selfie:

Sure, you can see a bit of a resemblance there. But then again, the dude who is staring as Tupac in the new upcoming bio movie looks just as much – if not more – like the former Death Row rapper.

I guess if squint hard enough though…

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