NFL Rumors: Doctors Concerned About Carson Wentz’s Knee Injury Recovery

Will The Philadelphia Eagles QB Miss The Season Opener?

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can you buy azithromycin otc Sure, Carson Wentz might have secured himself two rings this year – one with the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory over Tom Brady’s New England Patriots and another with his new wife.

But all isn’t good in the land of Wentz, at least not according to independent doctors and orthopedic surgeons who have recently suggested some concern over the quarterback’s rather devastating knee injury he suffered against the rival Los Angeles Rams.

Per NovaCare’s Dr. John Kelly:

“This is an ACL plus 2,” Dr. Kelly told the 94WIP Morning Show on Tuesday. “This is an RG3 equivalent folks. This is worrisome. Now, his good news, he had a very good surgeon — Dr. James Bradley. He’s going to have good therapy virtue of NovaCare. He’s a man of faith, which is important to me too. This guy is an excellent patient. But I think his timeline is very, very optimistic.

“The meter has changed from ACL recovery from six months to nine months. This is an ACL plus, at least, two ligaments. If he tore the LCL, which was wrote in the press – that’s wrong.

“What I saw in the video, he had at least three ligaments on the outside of the knee damaged. That’s requires reconstruction, that’s a long rehab. And if it were my patient, I’d be thinking nine, 10, or even 11 months.”

“This kid, God bless him, is probably going to be brace dependent – like Brady, like RG3 was – the rest of his career,” said Dr. Kelly. “This may be a blessing in disguise, maybe become more of a drop back quarterback that we all want him to be.”

That doesn’t exactly sound like the most promising diagnosis, though, we’ve seen plenty of medical professionals dish out their opinion on athletic injuries only to be completely off base.

Every athlete heals (good or bad) in their own way and unless Kelly is directly involved on the day-to-day rehab with Carson Wentz, it’s hard to take what he says with anything more than a grain of salt.

That said, you can understand the worry in the City of Brotherly Love.

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