Ciara Is Probably A Better Golfer Than You

Singer Hits A Beautiful Tee Shot While On Vacation

You’d think that hitting a stationary ball with a stick wouldn’t be all that difficult – then you remember the stick is curved and hitting said ball is about the most difficult thing in the world. Well, unless you’re Ciara who decided she’d put Charles Barkley to shame this past week while on vacation with Seattle Seahawks quarterback and bae Russell Wilson.

In her finest golf attire – a sun dress – Ciara stepped up in the tee box and after gathering herself for a moment – unleashed a pretty impressive drive down the middle of the fairway.

I’m not sure if it’s Wilson screaming ‘190’ in the background or not, but regardless, that was a solid shot.

Granted, she didn’t exactly have prime Tiger Woods form, but it’s the end result that counts, right?

Just The Beginning…. 👌🏽

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