How Much Money Did Dan Bilzerian Win In His Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor Bet?

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amoxicillin OTC buy now Depending on who you ask, Floyd Mayweather was a safe but somewhat risky bet going into his fight against Conor McGregor this past weekend. Safe in the sense that he would probably win, though the return would be somewhat minimal. But risky in the sense that if he lost, anybody who put money on Money Mayweather would be out lots of cash.

As expected, Floyd Mayweather did end up winning the boxing match and so did those who went with the safe bet, including poker sensation and Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian.

The man who introduced the world to Lindsey Pelas had to have put down over $1 million dollars, considering he won over $342,000 dollars.

Dan posted a picture of his winnings check to social media, calling it a ‘small’ addition to his absurdly large bank account.

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Written by Frank White

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