ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Falls Asleep During TV Report (Video)

Oh Brian Windhorst, it’s going to be a couple difficult days for you. Just yesterday you slammed LeBron James – your cash cow – in an ESPN article. Now today you fell asleep during a live SportsCenter segment.

Actually, I’m not sure Brian Windhorst was sleeping – perhaps he wasn’t feeling good (and that’s nothing to make fun of). Either way though, this is sure to go viral in about five seconds.

Hopefully it was really just Brian Windhorst falling asleep because he was tired and not because there is something else wrong.

Also, the reaction from the SportsCenter host is about as perfect as one can be.

Of course, Brian isn’t the first to fall asleep on live TV and given the schedules that some of these reporters have, I’m shocked it doesn’t happen more often. From writing 2,000 word articles 10 times a week to fifteen radio appearances and seven more TV spots, all while trying to get through life like a normal human? No thanks.


Windhorst says he was reading his phone and thought ESPN cut to another segment:

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Written by Frank White

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