McKayla Maroney Says She Was Sexually Assaulted During Olympics By Team Doctor

McKayla Maroney

For years, millions of people watched McKayla Maroney tumble across the gym as she became somewhat of a household name thanks to her impressive Olympic and National performances. But behind the spotlight, Maroney was holding back a devastating secret.

The Gold Medal gymnast took to social media on Tuesday morning where she joined millions of other women (and men) in the #MeToo hashtag, which has put a spotlight on sexual assault in the wake of the Harvey Weinstien allegations.

McKayla Maroney said she was molested multiple times by the Team USA doctor, including during her time at the London Olympics.

Absolutely heartbreaking. And sadly, Maroney is just one of millions who’ve had to deal with such vile. But the only way for things like this to stop, is to speak out. And thankfully, people are doing just that.

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Written by Frank White

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