Mia Khalifa Trolls Conor McGregor After Losing Fight To Floyd Mayweather

Is it me or has Mia Khalifa kind of perfected the whole internet troll persona? I mean, I’m not complaining because it’s pretty funny to see NFL players put on blast for trying to slide in her DM’s.

But if there’s an athlete or celebrity who is in prime positioned to get trolled, there’s no doubt the former porn star is going to unleash on them.

Case in point, Conor McGregor, who took the ‘L’ on Saturday night during the much hyped boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

Needless to say, Mia didn’t go completely quiet…

Shockingly, that was about as trollish as Mia got on Conor, who probably deserved more considering his over the topic antics leading up to the fight.

Regardless, McGregor joins a long list of athletes and celebs who’ve felt the wrath of Mia Khalifa trolling them.

Here Are The Athletes Mia Khalifa Has Put On Blast For Sliding In The DM’s

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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