Mia Khalifa Trolls Tiger Woods And Tells Him He’s ‘Washed Up’

I’ll say this, Mia Khalifa really knows how to get her name out there.

The former porn star turned sports troll has been destroying pro athletes left and right, with her most recent victim being none other than golf icon Tiger Woods.

Ironically enough, Woods was never caught sliding in Mia Khalifa’s infamous DM’s – unlike these 10 pro athletes – but he did catch some heat from the Out of Bounds host.

“Tiger, you’re washed, just give up while you’re ahead, retire with some dignity,” the 24-year-old presenter said on the Complex sports show Out of Bounds.

“You don’t need to come back to the sport, just play it for leisure like our President does.”

Honestly, it’s hard to disagree. Watching Tiger Woods play golf in recent years looks about as painful as shoving an ice pike through your testicles.

Woods, of course, says he’s planning to return to the links in the very near future, something he has insisted he will be doing for months.

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Written by Frank White

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