Nick Diaz Tries To Steal Rampage Jackson’s Girlfriend Right In Front Of Him (Video)

Over the weekend, there were online reports suggesting MMA superstar’s Nick Diaz and Rampage Jackson got into a heated argument which nearly ended in punches thrown. But what happened? Nobody knew initially, but quickly found out thanks to the power of social media.

It allegedly all went down in Las Vegas, where Rampage Jackson and his girlfriend were out front of a hotel/casino.

That’s when Nick Diaz approached and attempted to pull his best Pimpin’ Ken by trying to steal Rampage Jackson’s date right in front of him.

Of course, being the internet, you never know what’s trustworthy or not and there are times in the video when it looks like Rampage is almost going to laugh. Then at other moments, it looks like he’s going to knock Diaz’s head off.

So is real or is it fake? We’ll let you decide:

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Written by Frank White

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