Papi From ESPN’s Highly Questionable Pays Homage To Notorious BIG

While Bomani Jones and Dan Le Betard certainly hold their own on ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’, there’s no denying the star of the show – Dan’s father, Gonzalo ‘Papi’ Le Batard.

In addition to his rather hilarious sports hot takes, Papi is best known for unleashing a new rap verse during every show, which is picked out daily by Jones.

But Papi and the crew took it a step further today, paying homage to The Notorious BIG on the 20th anniversary of his death.

Check out Papi rapping ‘Juicy’ below:

And check out some of Papi’s other iconic raps here along with his rendition of Master P’s ‘Make ‘Em Say Ugh’:

Best Of Papi Rapping From ESPN’s Highly Questionable

Papi And Master P Make Em Say Uhh Highly Questionable Skit

And while you’re at it, don’t miss 20 little known facts about Biggie Smalls two decades after his passing.

20 Little Known Notorious BIG Facts On The Twenty Year Anniversary Of His Death

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Written by Frank White

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