Madden Glitch: 9-Minute Fumble Is Kind Of Awesome (Video)

New England Patriots Madden

Depending on who you ask, Madden 16 is a vastly improved video game this year – though there are still the occasional glitches one must work though.

Case in point, here is a 9-minute Madden fumble glitch which is kinda awesome in the worst of ways.

It all starts out with the Carolina Panthers defender intercepting the ball and falling to the ground – only problem – he wasn’t actually down because he landed on the defender, not the grass.

Then there was a fumble.

A lot of fumbles, actually, as this rolled on for 9-minutes.

Couple things here.

First off, pretty good timing on the fact that he or she was recording their video game at this moment.

Second – impressive patience to sit through nine minutes of that. I’m pretty sure after about 30 seconds I would have been done.

Third – at least this had an ending because there’s not much worse in the video game world then getting stuck and having to turn off the console because of a stupid glitch.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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