Self Driving Cars Leading To More Road Head

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metronidazole over the counter buy now I don’t have a self driving car. You don’t have a self driving car. And that makes me think nobody has a self driving car, unless you’re Scrooge McDuck or something. But eventually everybody will have self driving cars and that’s going to lead to more people boning while on the highway.

At least, that’s the thought process of Barrie Kirk of the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence, who says the robotic cars will leave people with plenty more time to get their rocks off while in their vehicles.

I am predicting that, once computers are doing the driving, there will be a lot more sex in cars. That’s one of several things people will do which will inhibit their ability to respond quickly when the computer says to the human, ‘Take over.’”

In that case, I better start saving my money.

Or maybe I’ll just go modify a Segway and try to tell some lady I’ve already got my self driving vehicle.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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