Sony Playstation Store PSN Network 10 Percent Discount Code

Over the Christmas holiday, if you attempted to fire up your Playstation 3 or 4 and log onto the PSN Network, you were shut down emphatically. That’s because both Sony and Microsoft’s XBox Live were both hacked and disabled by the Lizard Squad group.

The XBox hack didn’t last very long though Playstation’s outage took days to fully recover, not exactly the best situation considering so many people were wanting to try out their new (and old) systems and games.

Once restored, Sony stated they would extend a promotion to all those who own a PSN Network handle. They did just that, though many were unsatisfied with the end result – a 10 percent discount code for your entire purchase.

For those in need of the code, they are as followed:


T6R3KB529K (UK)

The Sony Playstation store PSN network 10 percent discount code is only good until 9 AM on January 26th, so if you’re planning to use it, make sure you do so quickly. Keep in mind, this is not just for a single game or add-on purchase, but rather your entire cart. So if you’ve been planning to stock up, now would be the time to do so.

Subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, PS Now and rental video content do not qualify with the 10 percent code.

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Written by Frank White

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