Universal Studios ‘Nintendo World’ Theme Park Under Construction

Guess what, kids of the 1980’s and 1990’s – your dreams are coming true. That’s because a Nintendo theme park is currently being constructed.

The great minds over at Universal Studios decided the best way to expand their current theme park(s) would be to announce the unveiling of a Nintendo themed park, which is currently under construction in Orlando, Florida.

Tentatively titled ‘Nintendo World’ or ‘Nintendo Land’ (depending on who you ask), the newest attraction does not have an anticipated opening date as of yet, but the hope is that the newest addition will be open by 2020.

Dan Kline gave a teaser in regards to rides and expectations at Nintendo World:

“We know there will be a Mario Kart ride. About a month ago it became public that Universal Studios is building a fourth gate, another theme park, and they’ve amassed a big chunk of land to do that. It’s very logical to think that Nintendo is going to be the cornerstone, the Harry Potter of this new park,” he said. Exciting news for fans of the gaming giants!

Sounds like Nintendo World will be quite popular, so you might want to start thinking about booking your trip in the near future.

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Written by Frank White

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