Best Man Trolls Groom By Reading His PornHub Search History During Wedding Speech

I’ve seen some pretty funny wedding speeches before, but this one might take the cake.

Perhaps it’s not the funniest, but it’s certainly the most troll-worthy after the best man at this wedding read the groom’s PornHub search history during his speech.

And it wasn’t just reading his history, no, the best man and PornHub actually got together before the wedding to plan the speech jointly and it included a welcome message from everybody’s favorite social media hottie and PornHub rep Aria.

She even congratulated the groom on his big (and rather embarrassing) day:

And here is Aria’s introduction video:

As for the best man’s speech? You can watch that greatness here:

So you’re probably wondering, what did everybody at the wedding think? I mean, outside of his wife, his and her parents were both there….

But apparently, everybody had a good time and enjoyed the laughs according to Refinery29:

“Everyone at the wedding loved it. My friend’s face as it was being introduced and played was priceless. They both saw it for what is was, very good-natured humour at his expense. You can see the reactions from the crowd in the video. Wonderful.”

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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