Crazy Surfer Tells Great White Shark To ‘F**k Off’ As It Tried To Eat Him (Video)

Man Tells Great White To Fuck Itself During Shark Attack

It takes a rare breed to spend your day in a massive pool of water with things that might eat you lurking below, unbeknownst to you.

And for one surfer in South Wales, he learned that the hard way.

But in all honesty, he didn’t really give two shits when a Great White Shark decided it was going to try to eat him for dinner.

Abe McGrath was out doing what he loves, something he does on a daily basis, when all of a sudden he felt a strong impact towards his hip region.

He looked down and saw nothing but the head of a juvenile great white shark tearing through the flesh of his hip along with his surfboard.

His first reaction?

To tell the shark to ‘go fuck itself’.

“We were 50m apart and it was just me and him out there,” he said.

“A good wave rolled past, we were both watching it, and then I looked back and saw Abe skimming across the water splashing.

“Then I hear ‘f*** off, f***’ off and then my nickname Hobbit being called out.

“I started paddling towards him for help and then my mind clicked to it being the worst possible outcome.

“I grabbed his two broken bits of surfboard and we looked at each other and counted our blessings that we could actually walk away,” he said.

Man, if a spider moves too fast my way I’m pissing my pants like a 3-year-old.

This dude is a fucking boss.

If you feel like checking out the chunk of skin dude had ripped away, you can do so after the jump….

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