Dan Bilzerian Once Bet $6 Million Dollars On A Coin Flip

I’m not sure I’d even wager $6 dollars on a coin flip, because I might consider jumping off a 35-story building if I lost.

So I can’t imagine what Dan Bilzerian was feeling like when he decided to bet $6 million dollars on a coin flip.

Yes, that’s right. Dan Bilzerian once bet $6 million bucks on a 50/50 coin flip.

The playboy poker star told the story during an interview with Graham Bensinger, which will probably have you cringing the entire time.

So the question begs – did Dan Bilzerian win his coin flip bet?

That would be a negative, though he didn’t seem to hurt by it considering the money went to a billionaire.

And since we’re on the the topic of Dan Bilzerian, who helped introduce the world to Lindsey Pelas, let’s check out his new girlfriend Sofia Beverly:

Meet Dan Bilzerian’s New Hot Girlfriend Sofia Bevarly

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