Drama Teacher Banned From School After Lesbian Affair With Student

Things are not going well for 37-year-old drama teacher Sarah Barton, who was recently banned from teaching after she admitted to having a lesbian affair with a student.

Barton, who was married, copped to the relationship at convent school in the Essex area of England and admitted the two went on solo ‘field trips’ together, but says it was all in the name of teaching the arts.

Fellow teachers and witnesses aren’t buying it, as they reportedly caught Sarah Barton having sex with the student in a car.

Per CA:

Barton sat before the National College for Teaching and Leadership panel which admonished her not listening to her colleagues pleading with her to stop the scissor kissing exercises with her young student in the fields and cars. In mitigation, Barton’s counsel did show how the girl’s family invited Barton into their home, to birthday parties, and quite happily authorized her overnight trip with Barton to London for theater and deep naked kisses. The implication being that perhaps the family knew what was afoot. Or they were totally clueless as a predatory teacher moved in on their daughter.

Barton can reapply to be a teacher again in five years.

Written by Frank White

Frank White

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