Driver Arrested For Filming Friend Who Died While Hanging Out Window Topless

Natalia Borodina Passed Away While Filming Topless Video Outside Car Window

As I kid, I remember sticking my hand out the window, because hey – I was five. And then my uncle, who was a paramedic, told me not to do it. I asked why, as any inquisitive kid would do. His response? His most recent call was helping a child, who had did the same maneuver, but a rock had kicked up off the road and went THROUGH his hand.

Needless to say, I stopped sticking my body parts out of the car window.

Sadly, that memo wasn’t picked up by 35-year-old Natalia Borodina, who died while hanging out of a car window topless.

The incredibly graphic video, entitled “Accident in Punta Cana Dominican Republic (graphic)” which was featured on LiveLeak has amassed more than 1.11 million views and shows the topless woman hitting a road sign while leaning out of the car.

Her friend, Ivanna Boirachuk, who was filming everything while driving, has been arrested according to The Daily Mail.

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Written by Frank White

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