Great White Shark Tries To Eat Divers In Shark Cage (Video)

Welp, Guess I’m Never Getting In The Ocean Again

I’m not going to sit here and debate the validity of attractions like aquariums and zoos, but they do serve a purpose – letting you get up close and personal with deadly animals.

You know, with five foot glass separating you from obvious death.

Somebody eventually came up with the idea of watching sharks in their natural habitat though, with only a few steel bars between you and one of the Earth’s longest living creatures.

More often than not, things go smoothly in those shark cages.

More often than not, I said.

Occasionally, things go a little south, especially when Great White Sharks are involved.

Just check out this terrifying video as these tourists from South Africa nearly shit their pants and scream like they’re about to die a horrific death:

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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